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Virtually helping people nationwide

Virtually helping people nationwide since 2016

since 2016

The leading online mental health platform for nearly a decade

Over 10,000 patients served

Undergo psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and talk therapy

Proudly employing only licensed psychiatrists and therapists—get to see the pros and receive the finest mental healthcare

Psychiatric Evaluation

Psychiatric evaluations allow us to gauge

allow us to gauge

your needs better

Before any form of therapy or medication, you would need to be evaluated and diagnosed for any possible conditions or behaviors. These evaluations are always conducted in a private online space by licensed psychiatrists.

Here’s what to expect before and after your session:


Enter your details on our secured, encrypted platform and set your first appointment


Meet your psychiatrist over our HIPAA-compliant video call platform


Spend 1 hour on call for your psychiatric evaluation


Schedule ongoing appointments to get medication management

Medication Management

Check if your medication

works for you

Medication management involves prescribing and monitoring of medication to ensure patients their desired outcome.

We can offer our expert help through the following:


Your psychiatrist will review your current medications and work with you to manage them as well


Quickly schedule ongoing sessions as required

Talk therapy

Talk it out

with us

Talk therapy allows you to better understand and process feelings, behaviors, and events, especially those too difficult to comprehend.

We can offer our expert help through the following:


Get a consultation with your chosen therapist, or let us match you with one


Quickly schedule ongoing sessions as required



Both psychiatrists and psychologists are licensed professionals that are able to conduct psychotherapy. The key difference between the two is that a psychiatrist is a medical doctor who can diagnose mental illnesses and treat them with prescribed medications, while psychologists are healthcare professionals who focus on talk therapy and behavioral change. Both strive to improve your mental health.

Our mental health online services cater to patients in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, Wisconsin, and West Virginia.

You will be meeting with our licensed virtual psychiatrists or therapists for any service you choose.

Yes, you can still use Skypiatrist whether or not you’ve had a previous history of mental healthcare by another psychiatrist.

To do this, you would have to notify your provider to find an accepting psychiatrist or therapist who is a better fit for you. There is no guarantee that you will find one.

Yes, you are very much free to choose your dedicated psychiatrist or therapist. If you are having a hard time selecting one, you can leave it up to us and match you with one we think is best for you.

Yes, we take insurance when possible, and this is one of our core advantages as an online psychiatry and mental health counseling services provider.

For interested patients who don’t have insurance or are unfortunately not in our network, please see the charges here:

  • $450 – New appointments
  • $250 – Follow-up appointments
  • Therapist sessions vary from $200-225 per session

Very soon! Thanks to our efficient systems and accessible schedules, you’re able to make an appointment in only minutes!

Yes, you may cancel an appointment, but unfortunately, late cancellations cause holes in the schedule wherein we must charge. At Skypiatrist, your appointment time is guaranteed and we never double-book patients, so we hope you understand our policy for cancellations.

For new appointments

  • $100 – Canceling an appointment within 24 hours of the appointment time

  • $150 – Missing the appointment without notice

For follow-up appointments

  • $50 – Canceling an appointment within 12 hours of the appointment time

  • $75 – Missing the appointment without notice

No, you won’t be needing any third-party app on your computer or phone to take the call. You’ll just need a laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone with a functioning videocam. Our video chat app is actually built right into our website.

Yes, one of our services includes medication management, where our licensed psychiatrists review existing prescriptions and check if it’s still right for you. Depending on your situation, your medications may be refilled or we may prescribe you with a better solution.

Ready when
you are

Let us help you get started on your journey to better mental health.

Ready when
you are

Let us help you get started on your journey to better mental health.